If you're willing to live in the United States, you must have a visa. You should have a non-immigrant visa if you're planning a temporary stay or an immigrant visa if you're there for a permanent residence.

Ideally, temporary visas last for a given period. If you're willing to move to the United States, below are some visas you may apply for in order to gain temporary residence.

1. Employment Visas

You should apply for this temporary work visa if you want to work in the United States for a limited time. Also, you will need to have a petition from your prospective employer to approve your reasons for getting into the country and obtaining an immigrant work visa. 

Some common visas in this category include H visas given to temporary workers. For example, you can apply for an H-1B visa if you have a professional-level job that requires a bachelor's degree. In addition, you can apply for H2 and H2B for seasonal work. Lastly, you can apply for an L1A or L1B if you have a transfer to an international organization with a US office.

2. Study Visas

You can apply for the F1 visa if you are a full-time student admitted to a credited university in the US. Moreover, if you have children or a spouse you want to move with in the country, you can apply for an F2 visa to allow them to stay with you.

Additionally, if you are in vocational training, you should apply for the M visa available for individuals joining US academic institutions. Nonetheless, you can also apply for the J-1 visa for individuals in work and study-based exchange programs.

However, you must be participating in a program that encourages cultural exchange and have English proficiency. Also, you may apply for a J2 visa if you go with your family.

3. Travel Visas

You should apply for this visa if you're going to the country to engage in temporal business meetings such as contracts and visiting companies or tourism. Unless the visa waiver program covers you, you must obtain a B1 or B2 visa.

Also, you'll have to provide the necessary documents showing your reasons for visiting and the intended period you will stay in the country.

As a non-US citizen, you will need a visa if you go into the country for a short period. You can apply for the ideal visa highlighted above, depending on your reason for your visit. First, however, ensure that you consult with an immigration attorney to help with the legal process and get your visa on time.