Being summoned for an immigration removal hearing is incredibly stressful. You may feel hopeless in this type of situation and think that there is nothing you can do. However, if you do receive a summons for a removal hearing, one of the first things you should do is hire an immigration attorney to represent you. The services of a reputable and experienced immigration attorney may not be inexpensive but they can make a huge difference in the outcome of your hearing and whether or not you will be able to remain in the United States. Some of the top reasons why you should hire an attorney if you're facing a removal hearing include:

Review the Details of Your Case

Immigration laws in the U.S. are very complicated. Even if you receive a summons to a removal hearing, it does not necessarily mean that there are grounds to deport you. An immigration attorney will be able to review all of the details of your case to determine if there is solid evidence to support the removal. An attorney will also figure out if you may be able to stay in the country as an asylum seeker, or if you qualify for a green card based on current immigration laws.

Prepare a Solid Defense

When it comes to immigration removal hearings, it is not enough to just show up in court and say that you're a hard worker who wants to live in the United States. For the best outcome, you need to present a solid defense to the judge overseeing the hearing. Most people are not able to build a solid defense on their own, which is why hiring an immigration attorney is so important. Your attorney will build a defense on your behalf based on immigration laws and will present the defense to the judge in court.

Oversee an Appeal

Even if the outcome of your initial removal hearing is not promising, that does not mean that all hope is lost. You will have the opportunity to appeal the case prior to being deported. Appealing a removal order requires filing a lot of legal paperwork, which you can count on your attorney to do. An immigration attorney will have a deep understanding of the appeal process and will make sure that all of the details are taken care of. You are much more likely to win an appeal with the help of an attorney. For more information, contact a firm like Pope & Associates PC.